15. September 2017.


The Andrić Institute from Andrićgrad has won the “Moštanica” Prize for the reprint of the magazine for Literature, Political and Social Issues “Ideas” at this year’s International Book Fair in Banja Luka.

In the announcement of the jury for the awarding of the International Book Fair in Banja Luka, it was stated that, following the contemporary cultural life, the newspaper gathered a circle of associates who expressed views on current events from various spheres – from painting, music, theater, film and literature…

“In addition to interviews with Milan Rakić, Ivo Andrić, Aleksandar Belić, the interviews with André Gide, André Maurois and others can be found on the pages of the “Ideas” “,” was pointed out in the jury’s decision.

In the rationale of the prize, the jury has stated that the decision that the Andrić Institute receive the award for the publishing project contributed the importance of the journal “Ideas” has had in the history of Serbian cultural life, combined with the indisputable care that the publisher has shown with the professional arrangement of the publication, which is not a simple reprint because it is enriched with the accompanying texts of the editors.

The journal “Ideas”, edited by Miloš Crnjanski, was published from October 6, 1934 to June 29, 1935, when the last 32nd issue was printed.

Co-editors of the journal were Ivo Andrić, Stanislav Vinaver, Isidora Sekulić, Svetislav Stefanović, Todor Manojlović and Aleksandar Belić.


The Andrić Institute printed all the numbers in one book, in the original format, and the editors were Milivoj Nenin and Goran Raičević.

The phototype edition of the journal was prepared by the Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute, within the Library of Literary Archives, thanks to the professors Milivoje Nenin and Goran Raičević. Editor of the journal is Professor Aleksandra Vraneš, Head of the Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute.

The publication of the phototype edition “Ideas” provoked positive reaction of the reading audience, primarily the scientific and professional public, for them this journal is a valuable source for research.

The “Liplje” Prize for Contemporary Literature was awarded to the Institute for Textbooks and Teaching Resources East Sarajevo for the novel “Soldier of no one’s army”, by Ilija Gajica.

“Soldier of no one’s army” is the first novel of the author, who belongs to the younger generation of Serbian writers, and he in 83 clearly separate chapters presents in different forms a conversation of two brothers.

The “Gomionica” Prize for children’s book was given to the National and University Library of Republic of Srpska for the edition “The Saint Platon, Bishop of Banja Luka”, by Synthet Platon Jović, as a unique edition among books intended for children.


The Publishing House “Pčelica” from Čačak is the winner of the “Stuplje” Priize for fostering Serbian tradition and Orthodox spirituality for a series of books “Children Reading Serbian History” and the publications “Duchess and Queens of the Dynasty Obrenović” and “Duchess and the Queens of the Karađorđević Dynasty” by Ivana Spasojević and the collection of songs “Gold on Silk” by Slobodan Stanišić.

The “Gutenberg” Prize for the best-printed book was awarded to the publishing house “Besjeda” from Banja Luka for Vaso Glušac’s book “Petar Kočić. Life and Work”.

The bilingual, Serbian-English edition of the text of the famous historian Vaso Glušac, edited by Zoran Pejašinović, was enriched with a luxury edition with a wealth of functional and know-how selected illustrations and archival documents.

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