Exhibition of graphics by Bojan Otašević at the gallery “Lubarda”

7. May 2016.


At the gallery “Lubarda” in the Andrić Institute last night was officially opened exhibition of graphics by Bojan Otašević from Kragujevac.

Bojan Otašević graduated Graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where he also got his master’s degree and doctor’s degree in 2014 in the class of prof. Biljana Vuković. Otašević is Assistant professor at the Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kragujevac, at the Department of Applied Arts, the anatomical drawing. He has had 39 solo and over 200 group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. Otašević was eleven years the art editor and member of the editorial board of magazine “Koraci”.

Olivera Vukotić, curator of the Gallery ULUS in Belgrade, presented to the audience Otašević’s work and said that his compositions are simple, but they have strength which manifests itself through drawing and emphasized the value of color.

“He is known for configuration scenes. Bojan Otašević’s poetics is in monumental portraits or surfaces of the human face and body. Portrayed personality is someone who is in all of us when dealing with the problems of alienation and existential questioning. Bojan expresses that through presenting a part of the body, a movement or a facial expression,” said Vukotić.

Otašević said that he had created graphics during the last ten years and that he was particularly pleased that his work was exhibited at the Gallery “Lubarda” because the space allows the exposure of large-format graphics.

This is Otašević’s 40th solo exhibition, and the graphics were made in dry point technique, high printing and calligraphy.

Visitors will be able to visit the exhibition until the end of May.

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