Exhibition “Art and Wine” in the gallery of the Andrić Institute

2. August 2016.


In the Gallery of the Andrić Institute has been officially opened an exhibition by a group of authors under the title “Art and Wine” whose setting consists of 33 works. Selected artists exhibits paintings, objects, sculptures and assemblages that they created inspired with wine as the personification of life and enthusiasm.

Author Nebojša Savović Nes said that the exhibited works were made with various materials: paper, glass, wood, metal, and all of them incorporate a common theme – the wine. “In this way we honor the magical potion – wine and we, the artists, we are promoters of wine,” said Savović. He added that the exhibition’s theme is organized for the second time in the Gallery of the Andrić Institute and expressed his satisfaction that this year in the creation of items involved a much larger number of authors.

The artists whose works are in the setting of the exhibition are: Sergej Aparin, Dejan Babović, Žarko Vučković, Dragan Despotović, Vasilije Dolovački, Vladimir Dunjić, Željko Đurović, Velizar Krstić, Ljubomir Lacković, Aleksandar M. Lukić, Saša Marjanović, Klavdija Marušič, Milan Miletić, Goran Mitrović, Predrag Peđa Milošević, Vidan Papić, Nebojša Savović Nes, Bisenija Tereščenko and Milan Tucović.

The exhibition will be open until 30th of August.

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