13. May 2018.


A lecture on the topic “The First World War Propaganda Statement on the Case of the Operation of the Austro-Hungarian War Press Bureau and The War Press Bureau of Supreme Command of the Kingdom of Serbia” was held yesterday at the Andrić Institute by professor Gordana Ilić Marković, a Slavist from the University of Vienna.

During the lecture, the audience was able to find out more about who, among the distinguished people, had cooperated with the presidents of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Serbia during the First World War. Professor Ilić Marković also presented the results of her many years of research on which newspapers were published in Austro-Hungary and Serbia, but also in the camps where Serb prisoners were located. The audience had privilege to look at a handful of old photos and cartoons that, in addition to newspaper articles, were the main assets of the then propaganda.

Gordana Ilić Marković analyzed the expression of the Austro-Hungarian war propaganda on the case of the creative opus of the Austrian writer, satirist and the first interpreter of Branislav Nušić and Petar Kočić – Sandor Friedrich Rozenfeld known as Alexander Roda Roda. The creativity of Roda Rode was seen in the context of the work of the Austro-Hungarian War Press Bureau which he was an associate. The activity of Roda Roda is one of the important sources for understanding the formation of negative public opinion about the Kingdom of Serbia before and during the First World War, and therefore represents a significant literary and historical testimony.


Gordana Ilić Marković is the author of the book about Roda Roda entitled “Roda Roda – The Serbian Reportes’ Diary from the First World War. The War Press Bureau of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy”.

The book contains remarks of the translations of so far on Serbian of unpublished texts by Roda Roda from his narrative and publicist prewar and war opus related to the Kingdom of Serbia: selected articles from the Austro-Hungarian War press, selection of essays, short stories and recordings from the author’s private heritage, as well as Roda Roda’s “Serbian Diary”.

Књига садржи напоменама пропраћене преводе до сада на српском необјављених текстова Рода Роде из његовог приповедачког и публицистичког предратног и ратног опуса везаног за Краљевину Србију: одабране чланке из аустроугарске ратне штампе, избор есеја, кратких прича и записа из ауторове приватне заоставштине, као и Рода Родин ”Српски дневник”.


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