12. May 2018.


At the Andrić Institute in Visegrad, the Department of Serbian Language has been opened. There is a two-day conference “Ivo Andrić and the Serbian Language”, which has gathered linguists from both sides of the Drina.

The works of Ivo Andrić are the peak of Serbian language and literature, it was said at a scientific meeting in Andrić Institute, which has the Department of Serbian Language since today.

“Can you just imagine what tasks are in front of the Department of Serbian Language of the Andrić Institute, to scientifically confirm the opinion of the Serbian language as a great language, great literature, perhaps greater than the people themselves,” said Miloš Kovačević, head of the Department of Serbian Language of the Andrić Institute.

The Serbian language and Cyrillic are basic pillars that gather Serbian people because the Serbian language does not know the state border.


Therefore, it is important that institutions, and not individuals, work to preserve this linguistic space, from Belgrade, Banja Luka, Pale, Trebinje, Podgorica and wherever the Serbs live – it was said at the conference in Visegrad.

“The Republic of Srpska has, to our luck, a few such departments of Serbian language in Banja Luka, Pale, and it is good to have its Institute for Serbian Language, and today we attend one festive act that makes me happy,” said Aleksandar Milanović, professor at the Faculty of Philology Belgrade.


Linguists warn that the Serbian language collapses with a high degree of illiteracy, which is present in the medias, public political life, and even educational institutions.

For decades, the Serbian language has been facing disintegration through the processes of making the so-called the political languages they name: Bosnian, Montenegrin, Croatian, which, as the linguists say, reduces the Serbian language space and separates a part of our cultural heritage.

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