Promotion of a books

7. December 2015.


As a part of the International Scientific Conference “Railways, literature and film” was a promotion of two books: “Pillar of Memories of Serbian Culture: Essays by Miodrag Pavlović” by Maja Radonić i “In Memory to Oblivion” by Saša Knežević.

Book “Pillar of Memories of Serbian Culture: Essays by Miodrag Pavlović” is a doctoral thesis by Maja Radonić, defended at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade and issued by the Andrić Institute. About the book, besides the author, spoke prof. Dr. Jovan Delić, who pointed out that in this book, in one place, was presented entire Pavlović’s essayistic thought. The book discusses the theoretical basis of Pavlović’s revaluation of Serbian poetic tradition carried out in the Anthology of cultural and historical context of the creation, the structure and the impact it has made on the Serbian literary thought and culture.It is explored Pavlović’s critical-essayistic description of the poets of Serbian tradition and the original insights and knowledge of ancient Serbian and folk poetry. The book is about the poets of world literature, and essays dealing with myth, religion and painting.

Saša Knezević’s novel “In Memory to Oblivion” won the third prize “Golden Owl” awarded by the Institute for textbooks and teaching resources of Republic of Srpska. At the promotion of the book talked the author and prof. Dr. Sanja Macura. She said that the novel has extraordinary quality and the theme is based on the story of the pre-war, wartime and post-war life in Sarajevo and for everything that the city is lost along with a large number of its inhabitants.

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