The 60th Belgrade Book Fair

28. October 2015.

Andricev institutu promocija knjige

At the stand of Russia, at the 60th International Book Fair in Belgrade, today have been presented the new editions of the Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute. About editions spoke prof. Dr. Aleksandra Vraneš, head of the Department.

There have been presented single issues, four editions launched during last year and this year. Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Vraneš said that the special honor that the series of “Serbian classics” (Serbian Classics) was opened with texts by Vuk Stefanović Karadžić “Srbi svi svuda” (Serbs everyone everywhere), a book edited by prof. Dr. Dušan Ivanić.

The series “Kulture u susretu”, started with the book by Albert Memory “Portret kolonizatora i kolonizovanog” (Portrait of Colonizer and Colonized), and the series “Naučni skupovi Odeljenja za književnost” (Scientific Conference of the Department of Literature) started with a collection of works “Srpska literatura i Prvi svetski rat” (Serbian Literature and the First World War).

Andricev institut stand

In the years when is marking the anniversary of the Great War are particularly significant two editions of the Andrić Institute, which is open the series “Iz književnih arhiva” (From the literary archives). In the first place it is “Sidi Abdulah: Ratni dnevnik Miodraga Petrovića” (Sidi Abdallah, Miodrag Petrović’s War Diary), prepared by the professor. Dr. Aleksandra Vraneš, and it is published in Serbian and Russian.

The second book from this series is the facsimile edition of the “Krfski zabavnik” (Corfu’s comics) which was published as addition to “Srpske novine” (The Serbian Papers) during 1917 and 1918 at the time of exile on the island of Corfu and edited by Prof. Dr. Milivoj Nenin.

This year has been launched a magazine by the Department of Literature named “LIK” ( LAC – Literature and Culture).

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