Exhibition of paintings by Marko Kusmuk has been opened

10. February 2016.


Exhibition of paintings by Mark under the title “Faces and masks” is opened today in the gallery “Lubarda” in Andrićgrad.

“Faces and masks”, according to Aleksandra Stolić and Ivana Ljubomirović, is the cycle emerged from a deep inner experience of subconscious impulses of the artist who his artistic concepts materialized in images.

Kusmuk shows the essence of human experimentation color and figuration.

“Faces of the portrayed figures are treated as faces deep mental situations, but also the current explosive mood. With bright and intense color and deconstruction of figuration, Marko Kusmuk in a new way is shaping thought constants,” says in the exhibition catalog.

Director Emir Kusturica in the text for the catalog says that “looking at these pictures, the first impression that is acquired is a painter that with unusually strong figuration and drawing operation reminiscent of what was good in BiH.”

“It’s great that this young man from Pale synthesizes one type of art or artistic experience that almost evaporated in the times when painting in Sarajevo was part of a positive trend, where were mixed peoples, nations, under good control of the country, and they managed from time to time that in painting, in the short and long film and literature give birth to some good things,” said Kusturica.

The exhibition will be open until 24 February.

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