27. June 2017.


The scientific conference “Serbian Literary Heritage and the History of Medieval Bosnia and Hum” has begun at the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad.

The conference is dedicated to the issues of the linguistic, literal, historical and general cultural heritage of the Serbian people in BiH. The conference will discuss the most current issues that are nowadays the most frequent non-judicial abuse, the issue of the historical foundation of medieval Bosnia and Hum, the issue of language and script of old texts, as well as their spiritual source.

The research of Serbian written material from the territory of medieval Bosnia and Hum gathered in Andrićgrad at one place historians, historians of language, literature, art and church.

– We have gathered to get a complete picture of the medieval Serbian culture, which has been marginalized in recent years, but also forged – points out Zorica Nikitović, professor at the Faculty of Philology in Banja Luka.


The themes of the papers are diverse, but all studies of languages, letters and monuments show that Bosnia, Raška and Hum were a unique entity.

– All the studies of the language and letters of medieval Bosnia show that Bosnia, Raška and Hum were unique, with Bosnia in many segments being archaic, says Jasmina Grković Major, professor of the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad.


Vice President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Ljubomir Maksimović announced that he will speak about the Byzantine reports on the presence of Serbs between the Adriatic Sea and the Drina River.


One of the goals of the meeting is to present to the public all relevant sources that show to whom national corps belong the Miroslav’s Gospel, the Kulin Ban’s Charter, stećci (medieval tombstones) in the territory of Bosnia, as well as the awareness of the integrity that connects the Serbian medieval linguistic and literary heritage.

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