Kusturica, Miglioli, De Cataldo, Gambetta

30. June 2017.


The renowned Serbian director Emir Kusturica said tonight in Andrićgrad that the future of the film is manifold, and that in a multitude of new forms, the viewer is increasingly moving away from the film that is watched at the cinema, and is increasingly approaching to the windows and various possibilities that modern technology brings to his eyes .

Kusturica at the Workshop “Contemporary Literature and Cinema” pointed out that this is because none of the types of art are not sufficient any more when they are separated and when they work alone in any form.

“The idea of the closeness of different types of art has never been more certain and more present, but most often wrong. The truth about the fact that literature and film are actually relatives is proven to be incorrect,” said Kusturica at a workshop at the Andrić Institute.

The renowned director added that the Italian writer Giancarlo De Cataldo, the guest of the workshop best expressed the closeness of the two media, which are extremely distant.
“He is the author of a successful novel, which turned into a successful movie,” said Kusturica.

He recalled that the idea of Andrićgrad at the time when it was built and when it was built, is encouraged by the need not only to enlarge the image of Ivo Andrić, but that everything that is happening in contemporary and classical art is found in its place under a certain name.

Italian writer Giancarlo De Cataldo said that at the workshop was discussed how to switch from book to film, then to TV series, what is gained on that occasion, and what is lost.
“We have concluded that these are different languages, but if one interprets these others well, good results can be achieved,” said Cataldo.

He said that Kusturica had provoked with where present film is heading, and that it was concluded that new technologies were involved, that the coming risk would be involved in the story.
“Young people who unite the desire to get to know what is the history of the film and show old movies are our hope for everything,” said Cataldo.

Director Lorenzo Miglioli has estimated that the future will bring narrow space and narrow freedom.
“The narrative is what we need, there are two volumes that do not make the world, but the stories that speak these two volumes to one another, and therefore the ability to preserve the narrative has faith in the future,” added Miglioli.

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