Photo exhibition of the first war photographer has been open

10. June 2015.

Izlozba slika prvi svetski rat

In the gallery “Lubarda” of the Andrić Institute tonight has been opened an exhibition with around 60 photographs from the First World War by Risto Marjanović, titled “Do not forget us.”

The curator and historian of the National Museum in Šabac, who has prepared this exhibition, Branislav Stanković, says that these photographs are dedicated to the volunteers in the Great War, the first war photographer, Risto Marjanović, who was born Šabac.

“I think this is a very important project, as well as any similar project that relates to that period,” says Stanković.

He says that the exhibition is a mission not to forget what happened, and that young people should be “infected” with the truth about the past in order to better understand it.

“After the Louvre, the exhibition was opened in London, and then in the US, and tonight these photographs have been exhibited in Andrićgrad,” says Stankovic, and adds that the exhibition can be seen as a picture book of the Great War.

He points out that the exhibition is dedicated to the volunteers who came from all Serbian countries, Europe, America to assist Serbia and endangered Serbian people.

“Photographs by Risto Marjanović, as convincing and credible witness to past times, and after a century does not leave us indifferent, and thanks to that, looking at his photographs taken during the Great War, we can feel the smell of burning houses and hopelessness of the refuges,” says Stanković.

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