Exhibition “The trains that we loved” has been opened

5. December 2015.


Today, as a part of the International Scientific Conference “Railways, literature and film,” officially opened photo exhibition titled “The trains that we loved”. The exhibition prepared Željko Jovanović and the accompanying text of the exhibition as well as the selection of photographs is the work of Slobodan Rosić. Contemporary photographs captured Ratko Vraneš, Ksenija Rosić and Sonja Jovanović.

The exhibition “The trains that we loved” is the photographic story of the railway line and the well known train Ćiro (informal steam locomotive), its impact on people’s everyday life, and its importance to the exploitation of forest resources, mining, highway construction during the war …

Ćiro was a name of a narrow-gauge train, but over time the meaning of the name has expanded to all trains with steam locomotives on normal track. Perhaps the true definition of Ćiro is “trains that we loved” regardless of the width of the track. It is believed that the term Ćira appeared on the Salonika front, where the Serbian soldiers in train units so called small French military railway that provided I and II Serbian army on the front line. After demobilization most of these soldiers had found a job in the State Railways of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and probably spread this name on all narrow-gauge tracks in the new state.

Participants of the International Scientific Conference “Railways, literature and film,” in their work dealt with the study of the motives of the railways in literature and film, and this exhibition at the Gallery of The Andrić Institute can be seen the importance and power of railways and trains who possess a mysterious thread of connection and separation.

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