The Scientific Conference on Digital Humanities

27. September 2015.

Андрићград - промоција књиге

At the Andrić Institute, in Andrićgrad, has been held Scientific Conference on Digital Humanities.

The Head of the Department of Literature at the Andrić Institute, Aleksandra Vraneš, says that the digital humanities as a new scientific area developed as auxiliary scientific disciplines in three stages.

“In the beginning it had a quantitative stage of development, when there was some important material that should be digitalized, in the second stage had a qualitative phase of development that insisted on open access to information. The third phase, which we will proceed in Serbia is to enable the development of computational linguistics and the formation of information based on computer analysis of linguistic contributions,” said Vraneš.

She expressed satisfaction that Serbia, although there is no developed national strategy for the development of digitalisation, on the basis of enthusiasm and knowledge of the candidates manages to contribute professionally to the development of digital humanities.

Vraneš said that the professor at the University of Pescara, Roberto Verald, lectured about the questions of mass and popular culture, and media competencies of each individual from knowing the correctness of the information and matters of real and virtual life and relationships humanities and digitalization.

She concluded that these lectures, participants received significant encouragement to think critically about the events in the real and virtual world and that it will encourage a new scientific developments.

Student Faculty of Philology in Belgrade Irena Radosevic expressed satisfaction with the participation in this scientific conference.

The organisers of the Conference are the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Ankara University, University of Pescara and the Andrić Institute in cooperation with the University of the United States.

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