29. September 2017.


Distinguished Organizers of the Summer School Andrićgrad,

Very respected director Emir Kusturica,

Dear Prof. Aleksandra Vraneš and Ljiljana Marković,

On my behalf, but also on behalf of all colleagues – students of basic studies, master and PhD, one word: participants of this year’s Summer School Andrićgrad, – I am expressing, first of all, the great gratitude because you have enabled us to meet with you and other professors in beautiful natural and spiritual ambience. I also state, then, admiration for the whole organization of teaching and non-teaching activities, to the extent that – almost flawlessly – lectures took place, not only as an exchange of knowledge, but also as an exchange of ideas in general – inspired by Serbian history, tradition, material and spiritual culture, especially literary, and especially to our great artistic writer Ivo Andrić.

In addition, the hospitality, warmth and enthusiasm of our hosts – contributed to the impression of extraordinary success in the organization of the School, and according to the scientific breakthroughs in the artistic words of the great Serbian writer Ivo Andric – the lectures of our professors raised the level of knowledge about Andrić’s poetry on an enviable theoretical and methodological, as well as the literary-historical and critical level.

At the end, the wish of all of us is to meet again at the same place, with the same intentions and aspirations. Our wish is that the Andrićgrad Summer School continues to live with its philological and artistic life, and that new generations of students are intellectually and spiritually powered up by theoretical knowledge and research skills.

Ivana Jovanović,

‘Doctorand at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade

In Kruševac, 27. Septembar 2017.


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