The agreement on financing the Andrić Institute was signed

7. February 2014.

Kusturica i Tomislav Jovanović - ugovor

The Minister of Education and Science in the Government of Serbia, Tomislav Jovanović, today in Belgrade, with The Director the Andric Institute, Emir Kusturica, signed an agreement about scientific research and funding of the Institute in 2014.

“Today is an important day in the history of the Serbs, because this agreement sets a legal basis between the two republics, and the Andrić Institute is becoming a very serious institution that will help us not to forget who we are, what we are and where we are going,” Kusturica assessed.

He stated that Serbia would now pay half of the total amount that will be needed for the functioning of the Institute, 170,000 euros annually, and Republic of Srpska already gave a third of the amount.

Kusturica said that two years ago Jovanović helped them to start construction and equipping of the Andrić Institute, which had been in progress for the last three months.

“Today we are signing a contract that was envisaged two years ago, and starting from tomorrow we can expect help from Serbia. This is the first project of these two governments which successfully collaborate and realize a scientific research,” said Kusturica.

He said that under this project there was a program of the Department of History and Literature, which should create a literary notebook, “A New Linguistic Excursion” and to locate Serbian language. In fact this book would be about Serbian language, its origin and the origin of languages from the surrounding area.

Kusturica explained that money was needed for the work of the Andrić Institute, which was funded by the two governments. That money was only support for the researchers, programs and serious projects, and would be also used for the celebration of St. Vitus uprising, and the 100th anniversary of the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

He added that this manifestation would take place in Andrićgrad on June 28th, and that there was a high possibility that a good part of that program could also take place in Belgrade.

Kusturica stated that there was an idea of an important project to plant fruit trees in a million hectares of land. He mentioned Jovanović’s idea to make “A Plum Town” in Prokuplje, where he was born.

He said that this project was too utopian to be implemented, but maybe it could be possible one day, when the time for that project would be better.

Kusturica stated that the Andrić Institute researchers were from abroad, from Serbia and from Republic of Srpska. The programs were scientific and research based. In these programs would be engaged people from abroad, and everything will be internationalized, but material would be more or less from our past.

He announced that besides current members of The Committee of the Andrić Institute, Matija Andrić Bećković, Miroslav Perišić, Novak Đoković, two more people would join them.

Jovanović said that this was the first agreement between these two republics in the field of education, and that it was financed by Serbia and Republic of Srpska. He also stated that by signing this contract the Andrić Institute and a Professor Emir Kusturica became part of the educational system in Serbia.

He expressed satisfaction that there was a significantly high leap in the education of Serbia, with the desire to continue and expand this cooperation in other fields for the benefit of Serbs. Jovanović also stated that there was no better example in the education then Kusturica himself.


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