A cooperative agreement of Scientific Institutions was signed

9. February 2014.

Kusturica i Dragan Stanić - ugovor

The Director of the Andric Institute in Andrićgrad, Emir Kusturica, and The President of The Matica Srpska, Dragan Stanić, signed a cooperative agreement between these two institutions in Višegrad today.

“It is well known that The Matica Srpska publishes nine scientific journals of the highest rank, and we are pleased to have the honor of being the publishers of “Historical Notebooks” alongside with the Andrić Institute,” said Stanić to the reporters.

He reminded that The Matica Srpska had previously donated “Chronicle” and “Serbian biographical dictionary” to the Andrić Instituite. He added that other valuable books of Serbian literature would be donated to this institution.

“As a symbolic gesture, I brought “Chronicle of The Matica Srpska” from 1892 in Andrićgrad” Stanić said.

Kusturica thanked to The Matica Srpska, which as an important institution of Serbia recognized hard work and the importance of the Andrić Institute.

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