(Српски) Промовисана два броја „Историјских свесака“

3. August 2015.

Istoriske svezke

At the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad today has been presented the 18th and the 19th issue of “Historical Notebooks,” which dominantly deals with the theme of the First World War.

June’s issue there is a text, by Borivoje Milošević, “Gavrilo Princip and the Assassination in Sarajevo in the American press in 1914,” which deals with the reactions of the American press to the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, the July crisis and the trial of Princip and his friends in Sarajevo in October 1914.

Miroslav Perišić in Belgrade has continued with the publication of the reports by Serbian Embassy in Vienna from 1874 to 1914, written by Serbian diplomat, Kosta Cukić.

Boško Branković, from Banja Luka has prepared memories of Serbian priest Nikodim Novaković, his sufferings during the First World War. This document is an important source for studying the history of the Serbian Orthodox Church and clergy in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Great War.

Goran Stefanović is author of “The Monument and Mausoleum to the Defenders of Belgrade in the First World War.”

In the 18th issue of the “Historical Notebooks” is Miroslav Lazanski with a prominent historian from London, Svetozar Rajak.

In this issue, there is a short report on the opening of an exhibition of Petar Lubarda’s paintings in the gallery “Lubarda”, at the Andrić Institute, as the contribution from the unveiling of the monument to the great Serbian scientists, Nikola Tesla, in Andrićgrad.

From 19th issue of “Historical Notebooks” will be published parts of the book Louis Leopold Thompson, “The withdrawal of Serbia from October to December 1915”, published in 1916. Preface to the book wrote French historian Ernest Denis, a contribution prepared Aleksandra Tadić.

Miroslav Perišić has prepared a new group of documents originating from the fund of Serbian Embassy in Vienna from 1874 to 1914. With the publication of these valuable resources will continued in the next issue of “Historical Notebooks”.

Branko Bogdanović has prepared an article about the enemy’s heavy artillery during the offensive against Serbia in 1915 under the name “Fat Bertha at the Serbian front”, and Irene Kruzhilin has prepared a text about a museum dedicated to the Great War in the Imperial village near St. Petersburg.

The July issue of “Historical Notebooks” brings more information about the visit of the delegation “Houses for readers” from Madrid to Andrićgrad, as well as the report of the “Songs to Andrićgrad” which was organized by the Literary Fund “Sveti Sava” from East Sarajevo.

Readers will be familiarized with the decision of Milutin Ristić’s family, one of 1,300 Serbian corporal, to donate to the Andrić Institute herbarium that Ristić made during the First World War. This valuable gift will significantly promote scientific and tourist facilities of the Andrić Institute and Andrićgrad.

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