Dr. Borivoje Milošević’s book has been promoted

3. July 2017.


During the accompanying program of the Book Fair in Andrićgrad has been promoted the book “Serbian Orthodox Church and Priesthood in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the First World War”, by the author doc. Dr. Borivoje Milošević, published by the Andrić Institute. Besides the author also spoke Dr. Miroslav Perišić, Head of the Department of History of Andrić Institute, and Dr. Boško Branković at the promotion.

With the topic of the book audience was introduced by Dr. Miroslav Perišić: “Colleague Borivoje Milosevic deals with a topic that until now historians have not paid enough attention. It is also a topic that relates to the years that changed the world, and this time the theme is the Serbian Orthodox Church in the First World War.”

The reviewer, Dr Boško Branković, spoke about the book, which pointed out that the book was made using materials from ten archival institutions in Republic of Srpska and the Republic of Serbia, published sources, domestic and foreign periodicals, memoirs and relevant literature. In the eight chapters of the book “The Serbian Orthodox Church and the Priesthood in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the First World War”, the persecution and the suffering of the clergy, the destruction and plundering of churches and monasteries were demonstrated through light social and political circumstances in Bosnia and Herzegovina at that time.

“Through centuries through our past, the Orthodox Church has been one of the most important Serbian national institutions. The Church throughout the epochs has been connecting the Serbian people at the time when there was no other institution or organization that would connect that Serbian people who was scattered in different state-legal frameworks. Being a part of Orthodoxy is one of the most important identities of the Serbian people, “the author said explaining the need to deal with this topic, which until now has not been given enough attention and expressed the hope that this monograph will encourage further research on this topic from various aspects.

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