Promotion of a book “Culture of Serbs in Trieste 1751-1914”

3. July 2017.


At the Andrić Institute, as a part of the accompanying program of the Book Fair in Andrićgrad, has been promoted the book “Culture of Serbs in Trieste 1751-1914”. This book was arranged by Dr Miroslav Perišić and Jelica Reljić. The authors are winners of the City of Belgrade Award for Social and Human Sciences. The promotion was hosted by the editor of the Book Fair program, Želidrag Nikčević, and about the book spoke Dr. Petar V. Krestić and Dr. Miroslav Perišić.

Dr Petar V. Krestić emphasized that the book was part of a larger project of the Archives of Serbia on the editing, processing, protection and presentation of archival material and cultural and historical monuments and the heritage of the entire Serbian nation beyond the borders of Serbia. It was created as a result of many years of successful and fruitful cooperation between the Archives of Serbia, the Serbian Orthodox Church in Trieste and the culture centers of Trieste.

Recognizing the presence of the history of the city of Trieste and its connection with Serbian history, Dr Miroslav Perišić pointed to the fact that Serbian citizenship was before established in Trieste then in Serbia. “This book is an attempt to comprehensively examine the history of the Serbs in Trieste, to emphasize this significance and introduce it into our knowledge, to enter into the history of science, our historiography, and thus to draw people closer to what Trieste meant in the historical sense and what features of Serbian tradition exist in that town,” explained Perišić.

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