Book “International Communication in the Information Society” has been promoted

4. April 2015.

Medjunarodno komuniciranje

At the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad has been promoted a book “International Communication in the Information Society”, by authors Miroljub Radojković, Branimir Stojković and Aleksandar Vranješ.

One of the authors, Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Branimir Stojković says that the book tries to link the two historically quite distinct segments – the world of media and communicating.

He points out that international communicating has a very long history, and refers to the communication between countries, which in the last century used medias.

Stojkovic points to the emergence of a global communicating, but highlights that even in this states are not handling it well.

“It is often said that the Internet is a free medium. That’s not entirely true what we have explained in the book,” concludes Stojković.

The chief editor of the publishing house “Klio”, Zoran Hamović, says that this is a new, interesting, fresh theme that preoccupies not only science, but also professionals in the field of media activity.

“One of the first casualties in the communication of medias is the media’s sovereignty. Everything on what was insisted in the past, on the protection of national borders, was shaken by the arrival of the Internet and at the moment was disturbed the dominance of some of the traditional medias, as well as books,” explains Hamović.

Publisher of the book “International Communication in the Information Society” is a publishing house “Klio” and Radio-Television of Serbia.


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