World War I – A plan to mark the anniversary is prepared

14. April 2014.

Andri?ev institut

The International Scientific Committee of the Andrić Institute from Andrićgrad to mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I made a plan for the implementation of celebrating this important anniversary.

Besides scientific, artistic and documentary content, the program provides rich publishing activity and formation of three libraries.

The International Scientific Committee at the third meeting, was held yesterday and today in Andrićgrad, identified themes and the content of “Historical Notebooks” by the end of the year, and decided that the first issue of The International Historical Journal of the Andrić Institute comes out in June.

The journal will be published twice a year and in this journal will be published articles by domestic and foreign authors, said the statement from the International Scientific Committee of the Department of History of the Andrić Institute.

The meeting, chaired by the chairman of the Committee and the director of the Andrić Institute, Emir Kusturica, was attended by the members of the Committee: Oleg Ajrapetov, Svetozar Rajak, Miroslav Perišić, Pero Simić and Ivan Obradović.

The International Committee of the Andrić Institute to mark 100 years since the beginning of the World War I was formed on December 1st, last year, when it was defined the program for marking the anniversary.

The program will provide a number of activities such as exhibitions, interviews with experts, publishing projects, documentaries, artistic content, film festivals.

Among planned activities it is also arranged that the Committee informs the public with the historical contents of the World War I through “Historical Notebooks”.

The Committee on January 5th, presented the first number of “Historical Notebooks” – a copy of the letter the former governor of BiH Oskar Potiorek that was written on May 28th,1913 from which it is evident that 13 months before the Assassination in Sarajevo and 14 months before the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war on Serbia, there were plans for the start of the World War I.

At the beginning of February, the second issue was promoted. This issue contains a significant historical document of how lawyer Rudolf Cistler has found serious deficiencies and questionable legitimacy of the judicial judgment “Young Bosnia” members.

The third issue of Historical notebooks, which was presented on March 15th, among other things, this issue provides an overview of the Serbian press about Anti-Serb pogroms in 1914 after the Assassination in Sarajevo.

Yesterday in Andrićgrad was presented the fourth issue of “Historical Notebooks” published by the Department of History of Andrić Institute. This issue is dedicated to the under-researched topic – work of hospital in Valjevo in 1914 and in 1915 as a unique example of humanity, not only in the World War I, but also in the history of war.

SRNA – Tatjana Parađina

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