Exhibition “Art and Wine” and “Heart in the Stone” has been opened

1. August 2015.


As the of the event “Šumadija in Andrićgrad” in the gallery of the Andrić Institute “Petar Lubarda” on July 30, has been opened an exhibition thematically divided into two parts – “Art and Wine” and “Heart in the Stone”. Two different themes integrated into the story of Šumadija, a place that has a rich history, cultural heritage and tradition.

The exhibition “Art and Wine”

Carefully selected artists shared the same inspiration they found in wine and various visual expressions and known techniques have given us works celebrating wine as the embodiment of life and enthusiasm.
The exhibition features works by 11 painters and sculptors: Vasa Dolovački, Velizar Krstić Ljubomir Lacković, Aleksandar Lukić, Milan Miletić, Goran Mitrović, Zoran Rajković, Nebojša Savović Nes, Bisenija Tereščenko, Predrag Todorović and Milan Tucović.

“Heart in the Stone”

“Heart in the Stone” is a photographic story of roadside monuments and lonely tombstones in Rudnik-Takovo region from 1885 to 1941. The setting displays the photos taken that make the book of the same name in 2009, after four years of shrinkage in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac.
Author of the exhibition, Saša Savović, wrote a monograph about the monumental heritage, and lonely roadside tombstones of this region until 1941.

The exhibition officially opened sculptor Nebojša Savović Nes, author of the important memorial sculpture and ambient parts in Serbia and neighboring countries. Since 2004 he has been working on the development of marble ornaments of the Temple of Saint Sava in Belgrade.

The exhibition is open until 30 August.

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