18. December 2018.


At the Andrić institute in Andrićgrad today, a three-day conference “Feast and Literature” has been finished. This conference gathered eminent professors from Republic of Srpska and Serbia.


The head of the Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute, Aleksandra Vraneš, pointed out that there were several significant events during the three days of this conference.


“We had the opportunity to hear a lecture by Gideon Greif about Jasenovac as the Auschwitz of the Balkans. The lecture was extremely shocking – both in its truthfulness and in the fact that we hear it all from the mouth of a foreign researcher with extremely precise data and communicating them in a very shaky way,” Vraneš said.


She said that the promotion of Emir Kusturica’s book “Why Do I Need all This?” was also held, which she assessed as having a great future and a large number of readers. This book is, as all the previous books by Kusturica, very provocative, intriguing, accurately predicts many events.


Vraneš noted that the conference “Feast and Literature” in the Andrić Institute attracted a large number of people from Višegrad.


“A significant number of researchers and teachers paid attention to this topic and looked at feast in literature from the standpoint of a valuable, traditional, aesthetic and philosophical point of view, concluding in one place the insights into Serbian and English literature, and in ancient Greek literature and philosophy,” Vraneš mentioned.


She reminded that was held a lecture by academician Ljubodrag Dimić about the topic “Serbian 20th century”.


“The Andrić Institute at the end of the year, at the time when we all dedicated ourselves to the New Year’s joys, it is working hard on the scientific and cultural rise of our public,” Vraneševa stressed.


The organizer of the conference “Feast and Literature” is the Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute.

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