Scientific conference on Branko Ćopić is finished

28. December 2014.

Branko Zlatkovic

In the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad scientific conference dedicated to Branko Copic is finished. About 30 professors from Republic of Srpska and Serbia presented their papers at this conference.

Member of the editorial “Matica Srpska”, Dragana Todoreskov, says that at the conference she has presented a work on Ćopić which deals with cultural differences and their prevalence in the novels “Ne tuguj bronzana stražo” and “Osma ofanziva”, as well as the phenomenon of metaphor, which is an ambiguous term in a literary work Branko Ćopić.

“This event is an outstanding contribution to the work of Branko Ćopić, because so far it has not been relevantly analyzed in terms of going into his poetics and that is why the works from this conference are very valuable and they contribute to rereading of everything what this writer wrote” says Todoreskova.

Research Associate of the Institute of Literature and Art in Belgrade, Branko Zlatković, points out that this is a collection that will at the right way present the life and works of Branko Ćopić.

“Branko Ćopić created anecdotes, and these stories in a characteristical and stratified way talk about his private life,” says Zlatković and adds that many of them have been broadcasted on radio and television stations.

Within the scientific meeting, which lasted two days, were promoted two books and there was a concert of sacred music by the Serbian Church Singing Society of Pančevo.

SRNA – Jovana Borovčanin

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