Youth conference has been completed

1. April 2015.

Konferencija o mladima u Institutu

At the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad today was finished the Third Conference of Youth Work, which brought together about 40 participants from Republic of Srpska, Serbia and Montenegro.

Deputy Minister of Family, Youth and Sports of Republic of Srpska, Branka Malešević, said that the Third Conference of Youth Њork resulted in a number of conclusions concerning youth work, youth centers, and regional cooperation of young people in this area.

“We’ll make sure that most of the conclusions will be included in the draft document of Youth Policy of Republic of Srpska for the period from 2016 to 2020,” added Malešević.

She said that one of the biggest activities was a creation of youth policy, which would create guidelines for further development of all areas that were of priority importance for young people.

Malešević said that local authorities should realize that for young people was not enough to be provided only a scholarship, but that for them was necessary to ensure a quality way to spend their free time in the community, which would be achieved through the work of youth centers.

“Youth centers are educational centers for young people, where with various forms of non-formal education they acquire the knowledge and skills so that they become capable citizens who will easier involve in the work of a local community,” concluded Malešević.

Coordinator of the Тhird Conference, Danka Bozic said that the aim of the conference was to strengthen the youth sector in Republic of Srpska.

“We have make some productive recommendations, and now it is up to us to go out into the field and work on these recommendations, as well as to empower the youth sector and work with young people,” said Božić.

The conference was organized by the correspondent ministry with a cooperation of the Institute for Youth Development and Community “Perpetuum Mobile” and the network of youth centers for the development and training of Republic of Srpska.


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