The Andrić Institute granted the first prize “Ivo Andrić”

16. January 2016.


Great literary prize by the Andrić Institute has been granted for the first time on the 8th of January in Andrićgrad.

First prize for a lifetime achievement and the overall contribution to the Serbian literature, the author who in the past five years published a notable work, was awarded to academician Matija Bećković and refers to the recently published “Three poems”.

Second prize for the best novel published in 2015 was awarded to Vladimir Kecmanović for his novel “Osama”, published by “Laguna”.

The decision on awards verified the jury composed of: prof. Dr. Jovan Delić, the chairman, Ranko Risojević and Maja Mandić.

In addition to the Charter, the laureates Matija Bećković and Vladimir Kecmanović received cash prizes of 25, ie 15 thousand euros, a sponsor of the awards is the President of Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik. The awards were presented by the Director of the Andrić Institute, Emir Kusturica. He stressed that “Osama” would be the new future of Serbian literature and that he was glad that precisely this novel established this award as a valuable culture in general.

Chairman of the jury, prof. Dr. Jovan Delić pointed out that Matija Bećković as few people in the world scale, fitted archaic and modern, and that his rediscovery of orality and finding great poetic forms of epochal significance both for his poetry and for the Serbian poetry as a whole.

Academician Bećković decided that half of the cash prizes would donate to Matica Srpska and Serbian literary cooperative, our oldest cultural institutions at which Andrić published his books and in whose editorial and boards he worked.

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