22th issue of “Historical Notebooks” has been promoted at the Andrić Institute

7. December 2015.

Naucna konferencija (4)

From 4th to 6th December at the Andrić Institute was held International Scientific Conference “Railway, literature and film”, organized by the Department of Literature. The conference brought together over 40 participants from Russia, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro and Republic of Srpska.

To this topic has not been devoted any of previous conference at an international level, although such a thematic orientation of literature and film is rightly highlighted.

Head of Department for Literature at the Andrić Institute, Aleksandra Vraneš, told reporters that this Institute has already determined its place in the cultural, scientific and educational map of Republic of Srpska and Serbia, but also around the world. “The conference has an international character, organization and response. With this conference we want to show that the modernization of the railways brought the utopia of the future, which to us the romantic idea of a rail leaves forever,” says professor Vraneš.

The conference opened prof. Dr. Slobodan Grubačić, academician at SANU, who gave a lecture entitled “Hymns to the beauty of mechanized life: motif railways in literature.”

Professor at the Moscow State University “Lomonosov” from Russia Ala Šešken said that she was very glad she had the opportunity to attend a conference at the Andrić Institute in Višegrad, town of Ivo Andrić’s childhood Ivo. “My theme is of Russian literature. Topics that are discussing today are well chosen because it can be spread not only in literature and film, but also in painting and architecture,” said Šešken.

Professor of the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Jovan Deli, at a lecture spoke about the work of Danilo Kiš and significance of a train. “Kiš is a child of a railway official who with the timetable, the work of his father, wanted to connect all points of the world with one timetable,” said Delić.

Besides professors from the University of Serbia and Republic of Srpska, the conference was attended by professors from foreign universities – prof. Dr. Svetlana Averkina and prof. Dr. Angelika Kalinina from the State University of Linguistics in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia, prof. Irina Ivanova and prof. Dr. Natalija Zapolska from the Moscow State University “Lomonosov” from Russia, prof. Dr. Hakan Yalap with Hadji Bektash Veli Nevsehir University in Ankara.

During the conference there was a promotion of two books: “In Memory to Oblivion” by Saša
Knežević and “Pillar of Memories of the Serbian Culture: essays by Miodrag Pavlović” by Maja Radonić.

It is also opened the photo exhibition “The trains we loved” prepared by Željko Jovanović.

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