3. July 2018.


At the first in a series of promotions at this year’s Book Fair in Andrićgrad, the editions of the Archives of Serbia have been presented this afternoon.

In the introductory words, the presenter of the Fair, Želidrag Nikčević, explains that there is no more natural place where our past and future are intertwined.

“Our most prominent contributor is the Archives of Serbia, and of course with the director of the archive, Miroslav Perišić, who is also the head of the Department of History. Andrić is called archivist of our culture and history, so this is logical,” says Nikčević.

The Director of the Archives of Serbia, Miroslav Perišić, points out that only a part of the edition is presented at the promotion.

As for the edition “History of Serbian Diplomacy – Documents”, Perišić says:

– When all the material of the Serbian state are exhausted until 1918, which we process, then some new historians will be able to study the diplomatic history of Serbia until 2006. Serbian diplomats were educated and represented an intellectual elite. These are books with reports from Vienna, Paris, Constantinople, London, Rome and many other centers. I think there will be 26 books in this edition – Perišić says.

Three volumes have been printed in the edition of the “Proceeding of Documents on the First World War”.

“Our archives were looted in world wars, but about the First World War the Archives of Serbia has half a million documents, which is due to the fact that there are indeed a large number of documents.
By the end of the year, seven other volumes should be released in order to finish marking the World War I with ten volumes,” it was said at the promotion.

In the edition “Visual History – Photomonography”, the book of the Balkan Wars is the first in the series is significant because in it has been published about 450 unprecedented photographs. Our literature is very poor with photographs from the Balkan Wars. There is also a book on the First World War, Aleksandar Karađordjević, and soon will be published the photomonography “Serbian soldier in the First World War”, on medical care, about the Austrian prisoners and many others.

In the edition “Culture of Serbs in Dubrovnik 1790-2010 and Culture of Serbs in Trieste 1751-1914” is rich in material and texts. This publication surpasses Serbian standards regarding these publications.

In the edition “Foundation of Founders” in the funds of the Archives of Serbia is represented one of the more neglected topic.

In the Archives of Serbia is being kept the secret services material, and edition “Security Service Documents” has been started. One of the two printed books in this edition is also a “List of Puzzle” which is not complete.

In the edition “Reminders” every year the Archives of Serbia selects four personalities who have done something for Serbian culture and science, whose anniversaries are celebrated that year.

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