1. November 2016.


In the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad in the period from 28th to 30th October was held the International Scientific Conference “A Bridge in the Literature, History and Cinematography”, organized by the Department of Literature, Department of Oriental Studies and the Department of History. The conference brought together 30 participants from Spain, Russia, Serbia and Republic of Srpska.

Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Vraneš, Head of the Department of Literature, said that the topic was very broad and includes various branches of scientific and artistic work through the motif of the bridge as a cultural, socio-anthropological, historical or technological phenomenon or as a literary-theoretical motive. “I believe that publication of Proceedings of this conference will show how the focus of our interest is and Ivo Andrić whose work fully marked motive of the bridge, but also how the work of Ivo Andrić reached its peak literary-historical foundations of world literature.”


She added that the Andrić Institute have released new books prepared by an emeritus professor of the University of Belgrade Dr. Slobodan Grubačić, and named “Writers of the Twentieth Century” and thus they open up a new edition of the same name. “This edition begins the study of Ivo Andric, a continuing studies of Jacques Prevert, James Joyce and other writers.”

Prof. Dr. Ljiljana Markovic, head of the Department of Literature, emphasized the exceptional importance of the fact that in the year that marks 90 years to the study of Oriental Studies in Serbia, this Department makes its contribution to the conference because it is through the prism of Andrić’s bridge is contemplated European and Oriental literature. “It is important to recognize the importance of Andrić’s bridge because it is a bridge between two worlds, between East and West, and we, as Serbs, we are at that magical space that connects East and West.” She put emphasis on the fact that the synthesis between the East and the creativity of our creativity is the main quality of this conference, which is important for the understanding of our position in the cultural area.


Prof. Dr. Rafael de Espana from the University of Barcelona, who is also the director of the Center for Research cinematographic film-history at the University, gave a plenary lecture which related to the adaptation of the heroes of Spanish literature, Don Quixote, in different film industries and how these interpretations the weather changed on film. Prof. Dr. de Espana expressed his delight with the visit Andrićgrad much because of his work at the Institute so much and for introducing the architecture and objectives which Andrićgrad weight.

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