19. October 2017.


At the “Lubarda” Gallery, in Andrićgrad, an exhibition of academic painter Vladimir Dunjić from Belgrade has opened tonight.

Gorica Ćećez from Andrić Institute said that it is a pleasure to be the host of this exceptional, artfully rich and conceptually unusual exhibition.

“In the larger part of the Gallery are displayed large-format pictures, that show people’s faces, but they are not treated as portraits. They carry within themselves a sense of divine presence, something sacred. A veil as an integral part of the image and as a symbol of concealment and covering contributes to the feeling of mysticism and secrecy. In the end, art is a mystery, a higher sphere of existence,” Ćećez pointed out.


She added that there is “Prokrust’s Museum”, a whole one set in the setting based on the ancient myth, which represents the artist’s experience of the world.

“It shows people who are cluttered and trapped in certain molds of social, moral and many other frameworks, people who live without identity. Taking into account the whole setting, the exhibition truly leaves the impression of lonely and lonely personality today and of the sense of its existence,” said Ćećez.

The author of the exhibition, Vladimir Dunjić, said that there were exhibited paintings with two different themes, one of the female characters covered with veils and the other ones completely different.

“Through veils, I tried to bring secrecy back to the art, what happened in the 20th century, the deconstruction of the form, in some way removed the secrecy of art, through this I return the secrecy to art,” Dunjić added.


He pointed out that there were exhibited about 15 paintings and many small boxes.

The exhibition will be open for a month.

Painter Vladimir Dunjić was born in Čačak in 1957. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in the class of professor Mladen Srbinović in 1981. He participated in several group and solo exhibitions, both at home and abroad. He has been a member of ULUS since 1982. She lives and works in Belgrade.

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