9. July 2018.


In Andrićgrad, journalists, artists, university professors have dealt with rhymes, language, music, film and theater works by Bora Đorđević – Bora Čorba.

They all agree on one thing – he is a versatile person who deserves to be the laureate of the “Grand Prize Ivo Andrić”.

Bora Đorđević, Serbian rock musician and poet is an inexhaustible creative enthusiasm he has combined melody in a word, politic in poetic.

He is enrolled in the anthology of Serbian poetry and music creation.

“I am proud that I entered the reading with some children’s songs, but also that I’m in music school books for high school where it is mentioned Riblja Čorba” says Bora.

“In his forty-five years work, he made a permanent mark and as the most award-winning musician and poet who wrote and composed” was said at the conference in Andrićgrad.

“There are few people who do not know neither one verse by Bora Čorba, on which is based the significance of his poetry, which from the aristocratic sense he brought down to the people on the street,” – said Professor Miloš Kovačević, head of the Department of Language of the Andrić Institute.

“Bora Čorba is not afraid to use the words that are stamped in literary language, in other words, tabooed words that would not be recognized because the people like to recognize themselves,” added Kovačević.

Bora Đorđević is the winner of the “Grand Prize Ivo Andrić” of the Andrić Institute.

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