26. October 2018.


The Andrić Institute today promoted twelve editions published this year at the International Book Fair in Belgrade.


“We are very pleased that the Andrić Institute, led by the experience and knowledge of Mr. Emir Kusturica, managed to publish twelve publications this year – 11 monographic and one serial,” said Professor Aleksandra Vraneš to journalists.


Vraneš highlighted the serial publication “LIK” – a journal in the field of the language of literature and culture, which is valued and categorized as a journal M52.


According to her, the remaining 11 monographic publications cover the activities of the departments for literature, language and history.


“These are proceedings from prominent scientific conferences that bring together experts from the country and abroad,” she added


Part of the new editions of the Andrić Institute concerns the Department of Serbian Language of the institute, which started to work last year.


Head of the Department of Serbian Language, Miloš Kovačević, told to reporters this department is presenting with three editions and with the first books.


“The first edition is about the importance of the Serbian language for the identity of Serbian culture and it is entitled” Ivo Andrić and the Serbian Language”. This is the first proceeding of this kind about Ivo Andrić made by the Serbs,” he noted.


Kovačević said that the second edition of the “Famous Serbian Studies” – a monogorphy that brings in this series the first book titled “Fight for Serbian Cyrillic and Serbian Language”.


“The third is the edition of the`Andrić Prize’ winner, and this is the first book on the relationship between music and poetry on the example of the winner of the Grand Prize Andrić – Bora Đorđević,” he pointed out.

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