22th issue of “Historical Notebooks” has been promoted

5. December 2015.

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22th issue of “Historical Notebooks” has been promoted at the Andrić Institute. This issue opens the sixth and seventh chapter of the book by a Frenchman, Louis Leopold Thomson, “Withdrawal of Serbia (October-December 1915)”, which was first published in 1916. The text, which represents a remarkable historical source for knowledge of the situation in Serbia during the joint German-Bulgarian-Austrian offensive in 1915, has translated and edited Aleksandra Tadić.

New issue of “Historical Notebooks” brings the continuation of the text, from the previous 21st issue, “Valjevo Hospital from 1914 to 1915” by Velibor Vidić, and the report from the exhibition “Starvation and Humanism – Valjevo Hospital from 1914 to 1915”. The exhibition is organized by the Archives of Serbia and the Historical Archives of Valjevo, it opened on 30th October in Valjevo. The exhibition includes a rich documentary and photo material on refugees, the occupiers crimes against the Serbian population, medical reports, statistical overviews and reports of foreign medical missions. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog in Serbian and English language.

“Historical Notebooks” continue with the publication of the reports by Serbian legation in Vienna – Serbo-Austrian-Hungarian relations 1874-1914. (sequel no. 7), which are prepared by Dr. Miroslav Perišić, Dr. Svetozar Rajak and Jelica Reljić. Documents are from the Archives of Serbia in Belgrade (MID, PO).

There is also a report from the 60th Book Fair in Belgrade. The honor to open the fair, as it is known, went to the celebrated director and writer, Emir Kusturica, who warned that “people have never had access to this much number of printed pages and have never been less literate.” “Historical Notebooks” recorded that at the 60th Book Fair for the first time as an exhibitor was the Andrić Institute presenting several editions from 2014 and 2015.

In the end, readers are informed with the results of the International selection of the Andrić Institute to mark the Centenary of the First World War and the Institute’s activities planned for the following year.

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