9. July 2017.

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At the Andrić’s institute in Andrićgrad, journal “The New Dawn” has been presented, which is essentially the successor of the journal “The Dawn”. “The Dawn” was a Serbian literary journal that was published in Mostar from 1896 to 1901, and was led by Jovan Dučić, Aleksa Šantić, Atanasije Šola and Svetozar Ćorović.

To the public journal “The New Dawn”, which was launched in 2004, presented prof. Dr. Miloš Kovačević, Editor-in-Chief, and prof. dr Mihailo Šćepanović, associate and proofreader. The initiative for re-activating journal “The New Dawn” started the Committee of “Prosvjeta” in Bileća and Gacko at the centenary of stopping publishing “The Dawn”. It was decided that the national goals of “The New Dawn”should include the cultural and linguistic space of a community that implies cultural ties between the Republic of Srpska and the Republic of Serbia, unifying the Serbian cultural space and all the topics of Serbian culture.

Prof. Kovačević emphasized the symbolism of having the promotion in Andrićgrad: “If a promotion of a journal can symbolically linked to its title, then this it is this promotion in this city. With Andrićgrad begins a kind of “The New Dawn” in the cultural and literary life of the Republic of Srpska and the whole Serbian nation.”

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