Promotion of the Andrić Institute editions

27. June 2016.

Aндрићград - Први сајам књига

On the third day of the Book Fair in Andrićgrad, in the hall of the Andrić Institute was a promotion of this institution editions. In her welcome speech, prof. Dr. Aleksandra Vraneš, Head of the Department of Literature, thanked the audience for their participation in the book fair and promotion of the Institute publications, noting that this institutions of culture, science and education for a very brief period has already achieved significant results, such as cooperation with the Archives of Serbia, Faculty of Philology in Belgrade Faculty of Philology, University of Lomonosov, the Russian peace Foundation, as well as universities in Tuscany and Ankara and other institutions.

Department of Literature and the Department of Oriental Sciences launched a special edition release “Encounter of Cultures” and “About Serbian Classics”, which include a wide range of topics from literature and culture, said prof. Dr. Aleksandra Vraneš. Journal “LIK” (Literature and Culture), in addition to current topics, in the new issue brings a new section: Celebrating the Jubilee, and book reviews. The Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute published a book “Memories of Inmates” by Uruguayan authors Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro and Mauricio Rosencof, which was translated into Serbian for the first time. Promotion of the book was held after the opening ceremony of the Book Fair in Andrićgrad, the presence of the former President of Uruguay José Mujica.

Prof. Dr. Miroslav Perišić, Head of the Department of History of the Andrić Institute, recalled that this department began to work during the anniversary of the start of the First World War, brought together a large number of historians from Republic of Srpska and Serbia, but also from around the world, eager to share their knowledge on this important topic and prevent revision of history from the period of the First World War. History Department launched an edition “Signs”, in which was published a book called “The Assassination in Sarajevo: the Return of the Documents”, For this book research was based on archival documents, following the principle of “history does not make the document, or without documents there is no history.” The aforementioned Department publishes the magazine “Historical Notebooks” that comes out once a month, and magazine “Centuries” which is published annually.

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