Promotion of the books “Corfu’s Comics” and “About Svetislav Stefanović, Again”

28. June 2016.


Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute has published two books of prof. Dr. Milivoj Nenina and they were presented at the Book Fair in Andrićgrad.

Milivoj Nenin edited a book “Corfu’s Comics” published in the edition of “Special Publications”. “Corfu’s Comics” was published as a supplement to “Serbian newspapers” that were being issued in Corfu in the period 1917-1918, where their literary works published Serbian writers such as Branko Lazarević, Todor Manojlović and Svetislav Stefanović.

To the Corfu’s Literature belongs and works by Svetislav Stefanović, whose literature was also studied by prof. Nenin, and the results of these studies were published in the book “Svetislav Stefanović, Again”.

At the promotion also spoke prof. Jovan Pejčić who pointed out that this book, except that brings critical review of Svetislav Stefanović’s literature, sheds light on lesser known segments of his life.

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