3. July 2018.

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Russian writer Yuriy Polyakov has opened today the third Book Fair in Andrićgrad, where will be presented numerous publishers from Serbia, Republic of Srpska and the world.

“It is a great honor for me to open this fair, especially since my books have been translated into Serbian. In addition, I have been at about a hundred book fairs in the world, but in this unique manifestation, I am for the first time,” says Polyakov, who is also a member of the Cultural Council of the Russian Federation.

He points out that he is pleased that the famous director Emir Kusturica is propagating the book and emphasizes that this is not unusual since the basis of the film lies – literature.

Polyakov says that he expects the Fair will encourage people to read books more.

The Head of the Department of Literature at the Andrić Institute, Aleksandra Vraneš, says that the Book Fair is a remarkable event, since it is organized in an extremely rich spiritual place, which makes a new tradition of the Serbian people.

She points out that the Book Fair in Andrićgrad is visited by numerous publishers from Serbia, Republic of Srpska and the rest of the world.

“It is a great pleasure for us that we will be able to welcome a great number of writers and publishers at this grand Book Fair in the place that we admire for its noble and spiritual wealth, thanks to the director of the Andrić Institute, Emir Kusturica. We all fight against the crisis of reading, which we have never felt at the Book Fair in Andrićgrad “.

Editor of the Book Fair, Želidrag Nikčević, says that it is a great honor and pleasure to make the program of the event, but also that it is not easy in an ambience such as Andrićgrad.

“We must invite the best Serbian writers, scientists and guests who will honor Andrić,” says Nikčević.

Representative of Andrićgrad, Milan Ružić, says that opening the Book Fair means to close the holes on a boat that we sail on a fast and deep waters of banality and non-culture.

“With this fair, Andrićgrad gained depth and even greater significance. Ivo Andric has received a gift for which that he would be very happy if he was alive,” says Ružić.

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