Miloš Šobajić in the gallery “Lubarda” at the Andrić Institute

28. June 2016.


The gallery “Lubarda”, in the Andrić Institute, enriched this year’s exhibition calendar with an exhibition of paintings and sculptures of one of the most famous Serbian avant-garde painters, Miloš Šobajić.

With the exhibition titled “The Bridge on the Drina – The Cry on the Bridge” to the audience in Andrićgrad has been presented 13 paintings and 4 sculptures of this great artist. The inspiration for the exhibition “Bridge on the Drina – The Cry on the Bridge” Šobajić found in Mehmed-Pasha Sokolović’s bridge, which for the artist is not only a powerful link between the two shores and between generations and history, but also a place of suffering, high risk and suitable for clearing a path and punishment, revenge and suffering.

His characteristic use of different medias Šobajić expressed by including a short film titled “When I am on the Bridge, my Life is Danger”. When I run over it, I am Saved!” in the concept of the exhibition.

A painter Miloš Šobajić was born in Belgrade in 1945. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1970. Since 1972 he has been living and working in Paris. In 2005 he started a Faculty of Art and Design at the University “John Naisbitt” in Belgrade, where he works as dean and professor emeritus. From 2004 to 2006 he was a professor of painting at the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in China. Miloš has had seventy-five solo exhibitions and participated in over four hundred group exhibitions. Miloš Šobajić’s paintings and sculptures can be found in more than twenty prestigious museums around the world, and about his work so far has been published five monographs.

“We are faced with the danger of eternal death, regardless of the place, because each place is risky and dangerous. I paint this theme for decades and while working I feel that the evil one breathing down my neck, and then he loses power flowing down the throat color that runs down the canvas. The act of painting for me represents a prayer, and I hope that the Almighty for a moment will hear the silence of my studio and give me strength and one gram of talent that I miss in order to reconcile all the warring parties in the figure, aligned fractious and established harmony, so I could managed to solve both sides of the equation,” says Šobajić about his painting.

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