10. September 2017.


The Andrić Institute with its editions will be participating at this year’s 22nd International Book Fair “Banja Luka 2017”, which will be held from the 12th till 18th September 2017 in Banja Luka, in the sports hall “Borik”. At the stand of the Andrić Institute will be all previous editions of the Department of Literature and the Department of History of our Institute.

Among other issues, special attention is now drawn to the publication of the journal for literature, political and social issues “Ideas”, its editor is Miloš Crnjanski, who will also be on the stand of the Andrić Institute at the Book Fair in Banja Luka.


This journal appeared in 1934, when Crnjanski publishes “Saint Sava”. The journal was prepared by Ivo Andrić, Stanislav Vinaver, Isidora Sekulić, Svetislav Stefanović, Todor Manojlović, Aleksandar Belić. A total of 32 issues of this extremely interesting magazine have been published. This is a phototype edition published by the Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute, within the Library of “Literary Archives”, thanks to the professors Dr. Milivoje Nenin and Dr. Goran Raičević, and the editor of the edition is prof. Dr Aleksandra Vraneš, Head of the Department of Literature of the Andrić Institute.

The publication of the phototype edition “Ideas” has come across positive reaction of the reading audience, primarily the scientific and professional public, because for them this journal is a valuable source for research. So far, the journal “Ideas” has been promoted at book fairs in Belgrade and Andrićgrad, and from Tuesday, September 12th, it will be promoted at the Book Fair in Banja Luka.

This year’s Fair will be opened by the famous Russian poet, Vyacheslav Kupriyanov, who besides poetry writes stories, novels and essays.

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