It is strange that historical material abot the Assassination in Sarajevo has burned

29. June 2014.

Miroslav Perišić

Director of the Archives of Serbia, Miroslav Perišić said today in Andrićgrad that archival material related to the First World War and the Assassination in Sarajevo that was placed in the Archives of BiH was burned during the recent demonstrations in Sarajevo.

“In December last year I was in the Archives of BiH in Sarajevo. This archive was full of rich historical material. It is a pity that all that is gone,” said Perišić.

He said he was interested in material related to the period from 28 June to 28 July, 1914. and in the correspondence between the authorities in Sarajevo and Vienna, which was at daily basis.

“Exactly that documents disappeared in the fire, luckily, before that event I had photocopied many documents and I put them in my archives,” said Perišić.


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