19. January 2018.


Idea for the exhibition “Petar Lubarda 1907-1974-2017” originated from the plan to connect artist Lubarda and collector Pavle Beljanski, but also to present a comprehensive Lubarda’s creativity. In the memorial collection of Pavle Beljanski are the works created before the Second World War, and in the Heritage House are the works from the postwar period.

This is the second exhibition with which the character and work of one of the most important Serbian and world artists, Petar Lubarda, is presented to the audience in Višegrad and its region.

With the first exhibition, in 2015, visitors were able to get acquainted with Lubarda’s works from the postwar period, while this exhibition includes two stages of his creation, works created during the interwar period as well as works after the Second World War when a reversal in his painting language emerges. That is why the exhibition takes a retrospective character.


To the audience is presented 26 works that follow rich archival material and a picturesque illustrated catalog.

After the guest appearance at the Center for Contemporary Art of Montenegro – in Podgorica, then in the Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski in Novi Sad and the Heritage House in Belgrade, the exhibition was presented for the first time in Republic of Srpska, in front of the audience in Andrićgrad in Višegrad.

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