The twenty-first issue of “Historical Notebooks” has been promoted

11. October 2015.

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At the Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad, today has been promoted the new 21st issue of “Historical Notebooks”.

The September issue of “Historical Notebooks” in 2015 opens the text “Serbian Orthodox Church in the First World War – the new findings”, by Radovan Pilipović. Author of contribution, and also director of the Archives of Serbian Orthodox Church in Belgrade, introduces us to the creation of the archival institution, and documentation it keeps, and is important for knowledge of the situation in the First World War, especially the position of Serbian churches and clergy. Thanks to the efforts of employees in the Archives of Serbian Orthodox Church, these documents will represent an important source of information for all those who deal with the history of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the First World War. Pilipović also published several important documents concerning the Serbian priests were interned during the war in the camps in Bulgaria and Austria-Hungary.

Velibor Vidić prepared a text about hospital in Valjevo from 1914 to 1915. In Valjevo, on 30th and 31st October will be celebrated the centenary of Valjevo hospital, and on this occasion will be opened special exhibition and International conference will be held. In the following issue of “Historical Notebooks” will be published the continuation of Vidić’s text about hospital in Valjevo.

Dr Mile Bjelajac is the author of the “Celebration or Marking the Centenary”. The author carefully analyzes the controversy that took place in recent time lead regarding the cause and reason for the outbreak of the First World War, the character of the Assassination in Sarajevo and nature of Mlada Bosna movement. Bjelajac warns of present tendencies, of some Western historians and publicists, to create “compromise version” of history of the Great War and the events that led to it, and the responsible ones for these events they seek in the Balkans.

This issue of “Historical Notebooks” concludes with the sixth sequel in which are published historical sources called Serbo-Austro-Hungarian relations 1874-1914. in the reports of Serbian Embassy in Vienna, written by Dr. Miroslav Perišić. Documents were taken from the Archives of Serbia (MID, PO) in Belgrade.

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