Guskova: They revise history in order to blame the Serbs

30. June 2014.

Konferencija 100 god Prvog svjetskog rata

A historian from Russia, Elena Guskova, says to Srna that those who want the revision of history and to present new “evidence” about the causes and reasons for the start of the First World War, they actually want that Serbian people to be blamed, that everyone can say that Serbs are always guilty, and also for what happened here in the 1990s.

Guskova in Andrićgrad participates in the International Conference on the theme “One hundred years since the beginning of the First World War, historical and legal studies”. She says that the topic, beginning of World War I, for a long time has not been in the focus of science, social organizations, and even politicians, and that is why these conferences of scientists from around the world are very important.

She points out that it is time that scientists speak up because there is tendency in the world that for the crisis in the Balkan, the World War I, will be blamed those who are not guilty.

Today in Andrićgrad has continued the International Conference on the theme “One hundred years since the beginning of the First World War, historical and legal studies”, which has begun on June 28 in the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade.

“The organizers of this conference – the Institute of Comparative Law and the Institute for textbooks of Serbia, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary since the beginning of the First World War, have started a project on this topic, and it lasts for two years now. In this project historians and lawyers from around the world have written 46 papers,” says the director of the Institute of Comparative Law, Jovan Ćirić.

He explains that these papers are published in a journal that consists of 800 pages, and it is sponsored by the President of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolić.

Historians and lawyers from Austria, France, Italy, Russia, USA, Albania and Slovenia have been attending this conference.

A lawyer, Goran Petronijević, says that this capital project, with such a large number of participants, teachers and researchers, is the foundation for providing evidence for the history that many are trying to revise.

He says that the revision of history is handled by those who have been defeated in a war, or in any way are considered to be impaired, which is stated at the peace conferences after major conflicts such as the First World War.

“Everyone already knows how the First World War has started, but some still have been trying to accuse Serbia for this, which is probably contributed with the status of Serbs in the Balkans after the conflict in the nineties,” says Petronijević to Srna.

He points out that the Serbs are presented in a negative light due to tremendous media campaign of foreign and federal media, so that the attempt to blame the Serbian people and the Gavrilo Princip for the beginning of the First World War I must be viewed in a light of an attempt to revise history.

“I think this conference and the Collection of works are a mechanism to defend the Serbian people and at the same time to prepare this people for the future, because the judgment of history and the judgement of time are only impartial judges,” says Petronijević.

He also adds that the Journal and the documents that are published in it represent a future trial of time and history.

The conference will be finished tomorrow with presentation of conclusions.

Before the beginning of the conference in Belgrade, the President of Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik sent a telegram of support to the organizers and participants.


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