Manipulation and secrets about the Assassination in Sarajevo

25. May 2014.

Perišić i Kusturica

The director of the Andrić Institute, Emir Kusturica, said that uncertainty about the Assassination in Sarajevo is confirmed by the fact that at the trial of Gavrilo Princip the serial number of the gun that fired at Franz Ferdinand and Sophie has never been announced, which is incomprehensible, but also is an evidence of a great number of secrets about the event.

“The fact that at Princip’s trial the serial number of the pistol ‘Browning’ that killed Ferdinand has never been mentioned . Something like this, one serious court can not afford and that says a lot about manipulation, “Kusturica said today in Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad at the promotion of the May issue of “Historical Notebooks”.

He pointed out that the investigating judge Leo Pfeffer in his book, “An investigation of the Assassination in Sarajevo” stated that there were four guns and bombs, however at the setting in the Military Museum in Vienna there are only three guns, not four.

“We are informed that at the setting there is not the fourth gun. Because the serial number is missing in the indictment, it opens reasonable doubt, “said Kusturica.

Kusturica said that historians gathered in the Andrić Institute work to “flesh out the view in order to see better the past and the future.”

“The more we go back in time, everything becomes more clear what happened in recent history. To achieve positive truth is very hard to come by, but it is becoming more accessible to researchers, and because of that positive truth is possible, “said Kusturica.


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