61st International Belgrade Book Fair

27. October 2016.


In “Borislav Pekic” hall, at the Belgrade Book Fair have been promoted the new editions of the Andrić Institute from Visegrad. On behalf of Emir Kusturica, the director of the Institute, guests were greeted by prof. Dr. Miroslav Perišić, Head of the Department of History, recalling that this is the third anniversary of the Institute and its scientific research, a second year of presenting the publishing activities of the Institute audience at the Book Fair in Belgrade.

In addition to the thirty-two issues of the journal “Historical Notebooks” with the main theme of the First World War, Department of History has published two books. About the book “Serbian Orthodox Church and the clergy in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the First World War” by Dr. Borivoje Milošević spoke dr Radmila Radić from the Institute for Recent History of Serbia, stressing the importance of the publication of many years of research on the topic of the First World War and the position of the Serbian Orthodox Church during it. The book is about the fate of the clergy and the uncertainties related to their sufferings, but also about the intentions of Austria-Hungary to destroy the church and put out the fire of the national identity of the Serbian nation of which it is the holder. The author pointed out the fact that the suffering of the clergy inseparable from the suffering of the Serbian people as a whole, and that the number of executed, imprisoned and tortured members of the clergy can clearly see the intentions of Austria-Hungary to suppress Serbian national movement.


About new books of the Department for Literature spoke prof. Dr Ljiljana Bajić, prof. Dr. Milivoj Nenin and prof. Jovan Pejčić. Looking retrospectively publication of the Department of Literature, prof. Bajić emphasized that this department has launched seven libraries and in each of them has published several titles. Book “Writers of the Twentieth Century” is a good example of dialogue with the book reading public, bringing together in one place works of university professors on the contemporary writers. Prof. Dr. Milivoj Nenin presented the third book from the Library Facsimile reprint weekly Ideas started by Miloš Crnjanski in 1934, pointing out that the fate of the idea of the best way to talk about the committed injustice to one writer. Prof. Jovan Pejčić spoke about the book “Svetislav Stefanović”, again pointing out that this, the third book of Svetislav Stefanovic, prof. Dr. Milivoje Nenin this almost forgotten Serbian writer finally returned to the place in the literature where he belongs. Book “Serbian writer Milan Rakic in Kosovo” by prof. Jovana Pejčića represents a kind psycho-biography of Milana Rakić and gives a great contribution to Serbian literary criticism XX century.

At the end of the promotion prof. Dr. Miroslav Perišić singled out the Andrić Institute as a publishing house that with its publications, their themes and design issues, properly evaluates and supports a culture of making books.

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