The award “Ivo Andrić” was presented in the Andrić Institute

31. January 2017.


The official presentation of the second prize “Ivo Andric” was held in the Andrić Institute on 27 January 2017. The jury is composed of the following: Jovan Delić (Chairman), Želidrag Nikčević and Vladimir Kecmanović.

The prize “Ivo Andric” is given in two categories: for the total lifetime contribution to literature Serbian author, who has also in the past five years published a notable work for the best novel, first published in Republic of Srpska and Republic of Serbia, in the Serbian language, from 1 January to 31 December, or prose work published worldwide in the past five years, which had a strong influence on Serbian literature.

For a total of literary creation and dramatic work “Hypnosis of One Love” has been awarded Dušan Kovačević. He is now not only a leading name in Serbian drama, but also one of the most important European playwrights and writer of funny stories, and his plays “Marathon Participants”, “Radovan the Third”, “Collective Centre”, “Balkan’s Spy”, “St. George Shoots the Dragon”, “Claustrophobic Comedy”, “Professional”, “Hilarious Tragedy” , “Five-Star Container”, “Rehearsal of Suicide” and others published in his collection of works in five tones, all detachments masterpieces of exceptional status in the literary critics and audiences.


For the novel “The Family” and the book of stories “Seven Lives” was awarded Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin. Novel “The Family” theme is camp on Solovki from which will develop the famous GULAG Archipelago. By creating the illusion of veracity and plausibility of the image of the camp, dealing with one of the greatest evils of the last century, master individualisation hero and the introduction of number tolstoevsky “characters” in the novel, excellent and numerous dialogues, dramatic and unpredictable relationships between the heroes with a lot of turns, skillfully using the documentary, the picture of man complexity and persistence of life to take place in difficult conditions, recreating unquenchable human desire for love and instinct in man, the courage to face the horrors of man and history, Prilepin has become a writer whose paintings of the twentieth century and the vision of the world to remain relevant for the coming time. Unpredictability in leading story lines and unexpected turns in the evocation of the fate is characterized by short Prilepin’s prose. Novelistic collection of seven life confirms, following Prilepin’s belief that life is unpredictable and that the narrative should follow and respect.


With the award “Ivo Andric” are highlighted, at the beginning of the XXI century, leading names of Serbian and world literature, which build the literary canon. It also recognizes their literary value, compares serbian with the world culture, raises the level of the reading of literary tastes and interests of the audience, developing a cultural dialogue and indigenous identity. This remuneration policy in general, literary, cultural and linguistic fragmentation, is an act of high social, moral and literary-historical responsibility.