10. July 2017.


The accompanying program of the Book Fair today has been marked with the return of beautiful literature: at the Andrić’s Institute, a book by Milan Ružić, “Our Words are only ours”, has been presented.

Moderator of the promotion and editor of the first book by Milan Ružić, “Sometimes, someone, somewhere”, Želidrag Nikčević said “Serbian prose is one of the best products of Serbian culture, and the appearance of Milan Ružić in the Serbian literary scene is a real refreshment. His prose is difficult to characterize; it is written with apparent ease, but it is a prose of high quality. Even when the topics are worse, it radiates with eagerness, warmth and solidarity. This kind of literature could be described as lyric prose, at the border between prose and poetry.”

Speaking about the importance of cultivating the reading culture and the importance of holding book fairs, such as the Book Fair in Andrićgrad, Milan Ružić stated that the solution for every trouble and problem was in books, from which it was only necessary to remove dust and see what to do.

Between reading his stories, the author expressed his gratitude for holding the promotion at the Book Fair in Andrićgrad: “If the culture had an ID card, I’m sure that the Andrić Institute together with Andrićgrad would be the home of Serbian culture and the nation in general.”

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