A book promotion has been held

30. September 2015.

Андрићград - додјела признања

The award-winning book is about daily war prose of artist Miodrag Petrović, who as a member of the Kingdom of Serbia Army during the First World War wrote a diary, recorded the observations in the form of small stories and illustrate them with drawings and paintings.

At the 28th International Book Fair in Moscow, which took place from 02.09. to 06.09.2015. year, The Andrić Institute received the recognition for his book “Sidi Abdallah: War Diary by Miodrag V. Petrović”. The award was presented by Russian Literary Association. The book was prepared by prof. Dr. Aleksandra Vraneš and translated by Ana Rostokin. In the recognition is pointed out that the book is unique in its layout and design, and it is interesting not only for historians, but also for all those interested in the Russian-Serbian relations, history and life of our countries and people today.

About complete textbook for Japanese language “Step by Step” spoke authors, Prof. Dr. Ljiljana Maeković and Prof. Divna Tričković, who during the presentation emphasized that their aim was to facilitate the learning of Japanese language. Textbooks have numerous exercise and issues, resulting to look interactive, modern and dynamic.

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