13. October 2017.


With the plenary lecture by Emir Kusturica and prof. Dr. Jovan Delić has been opened the conference “Ivo Andrić in our time”, which is being held at the Andrić Institute and is organized by the Department of Literature.

Speaking about Ivo Andrić, Emir Kusturica named him a contemporary guidepost: “Ivo Andrić is probably the most important person born on this ground. He derived his experience from folk poetry and from Njegoš, whom he described in the best way in his essay. I think that comparison and introduction of new characters make him our most contemporary writer. “He has distinguished several parallels of Andrić and the present, wished good work to the participants and that they together reflect on what can be derived as a synthesis of the experience from Andrić’s works and applied in the life that we live.

Prof. Dr Jovan Delić has held a lecture “Why Andrić in our time?” and pointed out that Andrić’s work is so extensive and it gives everyone the opportunity to talk about those segments of his work that are most interested in, and which have not been explored so far.

Considering the importance of talking about Andrić today, prof. Delić reflects on the relationship between Ivo Andrić and Meša Selimović. “Past is what remains, Andrić answered to Meša Selimović’s question why he writes about the past. It is one of the deepest truths and one of the best truths of this poetics. Writing about the past as what remains Andrić writes about eternity. ”

The program of the conference will continue during the day with presentations of 40 participants. Promotion of the books “Ivo Andrić and Dubrovnik” and “The Eternal Presence of Njegoš”, published by the Andrić Institute, will be held in the evening.

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