Exhibition of Katarina Nedeljković’s paintings has been opened

8. March 2017.


On Saturday 4th of March in the Gallery of the Andrić Institute “Lubarda” was officially opened an exhibition of a young artist from Kragujevac, Katarina Nedeljković.

Nedeljković is a master artist in the field of applied art and design, and to the audience in Visegrad she presented her artistic work through drawings, paintings and spatial installations. In the works of this young author can be seen an artistic, shaped confident, bold choice, a combination of tones, precise and correctly executed drawing.

“I deal with human perception, social theme of people who are struggling with the social side of life, including the influence of media, technology and lifestyle,” said Nedeljković and pointed out that the media degrade identity, family, community and subject itself, which is less subject, and more field in which the imposition of commercial facilities that influence lifestyles.


“The exhibited drawings that have a role to force the viewer to identify with them and to reconsider their place in society. Unlike the drawings, on the paintings I was interested in communication between people who are in an intimate relationship and their role is intended for contemplation,” said Nedeljković.

Aleksandra Stolić, art historian, said that the author with her ideology and technique left a personal touch and a very distinctive artistic appearance, adding that the artist, experimented with new materials, drawing and sculpting elements figures released in three-dimensional space, where the sense of sight subordinate to the sense of touch and hearing.


“She points out to the relationship of man versus innovative technical tendencies, which eventually causes mainly rage and impotence, packed in led screens, the latest mobile phones and fast food,” said Stolić.

The exhibition will be open for a month.

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